About us


Founded in 1981 in India, Sri Sri Ayurveda has since been available to support vibrant health and overall harmony. We offer authentic Ayurvedic services and products for a balanced, holistic and healthy lifestyle. We take pride in being a global family business present in more than 150 countries, impacting the lives of more than 370 million people in the last 30+ years. We keep it natural, socially sustainable and caring.

Natural Ingredients

World-class level production units and farms, 100% vegetarian, committed to use natural and harm-free ingredients.

Health and wellbeing

A dedicated team who approaches life and work with an equally positive mindset, in cruelty-free, health and wellbeing dedicated processes.

Social Sustainability

We share sales profits with social causes across the globe, like women empowerment, natural disaster aid, free schooling etc.